Best Cheap Angle Grinders – Guide & Reviews

Angle grinders are some of the most valuable and versatile tools out there. They can and should be used for all manner of purposes around the house because their service is unquestionable.

There is, however, a small issue which is the price and this issue usually causes lots of heartache to potential buyers.

You may want to buy yourself a cheap angle grinder but the choices are seriously many and as with most things cheap you never know what to expect of the quality. Of course, even cheap tools must be durable and quality. This is a basic tenet of business.

It is therefore never right just to buy an angle grinder which is cheap and expect the worst service.

It is the purpose of this review guide to offer potential buyers an objective view of the best angle grinders out there that come cheaply but also offer the best service.

A potential buyer should look at each of the devices and study the features so that they may know which is the best for them.

Best Cheap Angle Grinders

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Cheap Angle Grinders

There are some factors which we must take into account in our search for the best cheap angle grinders. These factors will determine which direction we take. These features are the following:


Anti-vibration is the quality of a grinder that enables seamless use without the nuisance of vibration.

Some angle grinders are endowed with mechanisms that counter the vibration caused by the machine while operating and make the process of either cutting or grinding a smooth one.

When looking for the best angle grinder, it is best to consider those grinders that have vibration reducing mechanisms. They offer the best service.

No Load Speed

The no load speed is the speed of the device before cutting starts. This speed is very important as it determines how fast the device will go while cutting.

A good angle grinder should have the highest no load speeds, but slow speeds are also valuable for their purposes. It will, therefore, depend on the preferences of the buyer and the reason they are buying the grinder for.

Disc Size

The disc size refers to the diameter of the cutting disc. This is usually called the angle of the grinder. Small angle grinders are those that have wheel diameters of up to six inches.

Large angle grinders have wheel diameter that is larger. Both these types of grinders are useful for different purposes.

The buyer should know why they are purchasing their particular kind of a grinder and therefore, be prepared to know whether to go for a small angle grinder or a large angle one.

Soft Start

Soft start is a feature which enables the grinder to operate effectively by being able to start smoothly.

If this feature isn't there in a grinder, the starting up of the machine is likely to be difficult and sometimes even dangerous.

Users must look for such a feature before buying their devices. It is one of the fundamental requirements.

Best Recommended Cheap Angle Grinders

The cheapest angle grinders can offer some powerful surprises that can rival even the best in the business.

There are some these cheap devices in the market that anyone really should look at because they will find something useful to aid in their work at the workshop or home. The five angle grinders below are some of the best in this category and should offer excellent service.

Pro-Series PS07214 4 12-Inch Angle Grinder

This is another quality device that forms part of this list due to its excellent reputation and of course low cost.

It should be the first choice for many users because of its superiority. It has a host of features including all of the following.

Small Angle

It is a small angle grinder coming in at a decent four and a half inches of wheel size. Because it is a small wheeled device, it offers smooth functioning and is also well equipped for crevices and other hard to reach places.


The device has to be able to handle some tough jobs. This makes durability a must have quality, and this device has this in abundance. It is mostly made of metal which gives it a hard exterior and the interior parts are well protected from harm.

Has Accessories

It has accessories which make it do a lot of functions for just the one device. This makes it very useful at all times.


The voltage and current readings make us know that this is one of the most powerful devices out there. It can work on a variety of projects, and it will not be overwhelmed at all.

Kawasaki 840776 Black 4.3 Amp 4-12-Inch Angle Grinder

This device comes directly licensed by Kawasaki. This assures of its authenticity.

On top of being authentic, the device is also well equipped to be able to handle all manner of household jobs. Its features include the following:

High-Quality Materials

Materials used in the construction of this device are truly high quality imparting great benefits to the machine. Because of these excellent and high-quality materials, breakdowns and replacements will not trouble the user at any time.

High No Load Speed

The no load speed is the speed of the grinding wheel when it isn't working. The higher the no load speed, the better for it ensures more power is transmitted to the device. The speed of this device is 11500 revolutions per minute which is reasonable and effective.

Adjustable Side Handle

It features a side handle that can be adjusted or moved from one side to the other. This gives left-handed users an easy time by making the device usable by them.


The device has amperage of 4.3 amps, enough to make the power of drilling and cutting and polishing very easy. This power also means that it takes a shorter time to accomplish all these tasks.

Kawasaki 841428 4-12-Inch VS Angle 7.5-Amp Grinder

Another of the best products from Kawasaki that true to form comes in at extremely cheap cost.

It is refreshing to find products such as these which are powerful and reliable but so really cheap and affordable.

Lock On Switch

A lock on switch makes activating the device unlikely. This is a necessary precaution for kids who might end up playing too close to the edge and risk hurting themselves with the device.

Officially Licensed Product

The product comes officially sanctioned by the Kawasaki Company. As such this product is perfectly legal and legitimate. As a result, any problems arising from its use can be officially communicated to the company and solutions sought.


The durability of this device is assured. The device will likely have to function in demanding environments and so is made perfect by the manufacturers to be able to handle all these kinds of high-stress situations.

Small Angle

This is a small angle grinder. The wheel is only four and a half inches in diameter making it ideal for tasks that require precision. It is also ideal for accessing hard to reach places such as corners which would be impossible to smooth with a larger angle grinder.

SKIL 9295-01 6.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

This is one of the best cheaper grinders out there. It is durable and suitable for all kinds of jobs.

It is also a small angle grinder with the wheel being only four and a half inches in diameter.

This makes it a very useful grinder.

Tool-Less Guard

The guard doesn't include any tools. It also doesn't need any tools to make it function. Adjustments are, therefore, quickly made, and the device can get back to use without any hitch in a short time. This makes the device easy to handle.

Metal Gear Housing

The place where the gears are is made exclusively of metal. A metal housing provides toughness and durability. No harm can come to the gear system if it is enclosed within a metal compartment. The device can, therefore, function for longer.

Compact Grip Design

The exterior is designed compactly and includes markings on the surface which suffice to make the device easy on the hands and a joy to grip. Good grip mitigates against instances of accidental slip ups which can cause injury to the body.

Vibration Reducing Handle

The handle comes with the capacity to reduce vibration. The user will find handling the device easy while it is also light making it not hustle to carry it around while using it.

PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG 6.0-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

This is a powerful and simple device that is well equipped to make the functioning very easy and provides excellent results when used.

Users should go for it if they want the best service at the best rate. Its features include:


This device just doesn't come on its own. Many high-quality accessories make it an even more useful device. These accessories increase its functionality making it able to do more than one chore and providing versatility and options to the owner.

Compact And Lightweight

An angle grinder will be best if it is compact and lightweight. This device sticks to this rule and delivers on compactness and weight. It is, therefore, a very easy device to handle and use. It can fit into small spaces and it is easy to carry for long without fear of the arms getting tired.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium ion batteries are the best batteries currently available. They give enough power and make the device very easy to operate. With this battery, the user can run his device for longer without worrying about the battery running out.

Has LED Lighting

LED lighting makes the device able to operate even under the worst of conditions regarding light. It is easily visible, and the display can be seen at all times.

Final Verdict

All the five products I have discussed are quality. And the best thing is that they all come cheaply to users.

Buyers should have an easier time going through them all and noting the finer points of each device. This is the only way they will get to know each product better and be able to make a sober decision.

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