Best Corded Angle Grinder – Guide & Reviews

Buying grinders is a daunting task which requires a buyer to choose from a variety of choices. You should, therefore, do a careful market research to determine the best angle grinder which will serve all their needs at the right cost.

Some of the best angle grinders available in the market are those which can perform a broad range of applications, are available at an affordable price and have quality features and capabilities. Owning an angel grinder enables you to use different types of disks to perform the various tasks you wish to do.

This guide, therefore, seeks to provide you with an exhaustive analysis on corded angle grinders while reviewing some of the top rated grinders which are ranked the best in their performance.

Best Corded Angle Grinder

Things To Consider When Buying A Corded Angle Grinder

Before you purchase a corded angle grinder, there are some factors you need to consider as a buyer.

Size Of The Angle Grinder

Depending on the kind of job you are handling, the size of the grinder is imperative. It is because big ones are heavier compared to small ones and therefore pose a greater risk of injury if the grip on the handle is not strong enough.

A small one will, therefore, have excellent maneuverability, be light, comfortable to hold and enable you to control every significant move.

Disc Size

Once you decide the size of angle grinder you need to work with, the next thing you need to consider will be the disc size. Smaller disc sizes will offer you a high precision in cutting while large size discs will be ideal for large surfaces and perform deeper cuts.

Power And Speed Ratings

Another consideration when buying a grinder will be the speed and power ratings. Some of the power ratings for available grinders are 110-230V AC voltage, a wattage ranging between 500-500 Watts and an amp rating of 4-15 amps.

Another factor you will have to consider will be the speed ratings of the grinder. You will need to choose a grinder which has a fixed rate or allows you to adjust the revolutions depending on the project you will be doing.

Available Accessories

You should consider the available accessories which will adequately suit all your needs. Some of the accessories you will need to include clamps and prepackaged discs. You should, therefore, buy an angle grinder in which you can access all the accessories you will need.

Other Considerations

• The cost of the grinder

• Load speeds

• Adjustability

• Weight of the grinder

• Unique features to enhance safety

• Ergonomics

Recommended Best Corded Angle Grinder

Be sure to check the corded angle grinders reviewed below. These angle grinders have been voted as having some of the best features, perform excellently and have been designed with several unique features to help you in your workshop jobs.

DEWALT DWE402 4-1 2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

This grinder will offer you some of the best features while performing to your satisfaction.

The major features which make this product exemplary include the following;

Excellent Performance

The Grinder has been rated as one of the best grinders with the best weight to power ratio compared to the other grinders in the market. It is light and has one of the best speeds compared to its horsepower.

It also has excellent ergonomics and has some of the best features which will enable you to operate comfortably in the workshop.


It has a spiral gear which lengthens the life of its transmission. Its dust ejection system also self-cleans the grinder blowing dust and debris away from the brushes thus increasing their durability. Also, the oversized brushes allow for a longer lifetime compared to the previous ones.

Paddle Switch

The paddle switch has safety lock-off mechanism which prevents accidental start-ups of the grinder. The safety lock mechanism, therefore, ensures that the grinder has some of the best unique security features to make sure that operator chances of accidental injury are rare.


With dimensions of 15.6×5.9×4.8inches, this grinder is small enough and thus is always comfortable in detailed work and projects which require attention to detail.

Black & Decker BDEG400 6-Amp Angle Grinder

Black & Decker BDEG400 6-Amp Angle Grinder

Black & Decker is another excellent angle grinder available on the market today.

Their products are pocket-friendly and have good features tailored to customer's needs. Some of these features include;

Excellent Durability

The grinder has a metal gear case protecting it thus making it to haves a superior strength. Also, the metal case ensures that the grinder has a longer shelf life compared to most grinders in the market.

Adjustable Handle Position

The adjustable handle position allows you to shift positions on a 360-degree rotation depending on the project you are doing. It also allows for greater comfort by allowing the user to change hand positions thus distributing weight evenly and enabling you to work for extended periods of time and providing flexibility to the user.

Spindle Lock

The spindle lock ensures that there is ease in changing the various accessories in the grinder. It thus locks the spindle ensuring that you have flexibility and ease of access in changing thus facilitating smooth actuation when changing the grinder discs.

VonHaus 6-Amp 4-1 2 inch Angle Grinder

The VonHaus angle grinder is another top notch grinder on the market.

This corded angle grinder works well and it is packed with wonderful features.

Excellent Performance

With a motor rating of 6A, this grinder is one of the most powerful on the market. Its high rating enables it for deep cutting and is, therefore, excellent for polishing large metal surfaces.

Safety Guard

The security guard allows you to be able to rotate the grinder at all positions when grinding at different angles. The grinder, therefore, offers one of the best safety features since it allows you to grind at various perspectives without the disc coming off.

Support Handle

The adjustable side handle allows discs to attach on either side of the main central handle. I, therefore, allow one to have excellent control when performing thorough and intricate jobs.

4 ½ Inch Diameter

The diameter allows the grinder to use all 4 ½ inch discs which are available in the marketplace. This allows you to execute confined jobs with ease since the discs are easy to control.

DEWALT DWE4011 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder

This is one of the best products which has high speeds and removes material faster.

Some of the major features of this grinder are described below.

Excellent Durability

The jam-pot gear case increases the durability of the grinder ensuring that it has a longer shelf life. Also, the gear case is low profile and thus allows the tools to be accommodated in very tight spaces. This grinder will, therefore, provide you with the flexibility to organize excellently in the workshop.

Extra Heavy Duty

With a motor producing a whopping 15 amp, the grinder provides high production and continuous use. This is one of the reasons why it's many user's favorite angle grinder.

Higher Amp And Speed Ratings

The high ampere and speed ratings make this grinder be one of the most powerful available in the industry. The grinder thus allows you to remove material faster while at the same time providing the operator with a high overload protection.

Availability Of One Touch Guard

This feature eliminates the need for a tool to adjust the guard location when changing the disc. This enables you to rotate, secure and remove the 4 ½ inch discs without using any tool.

Availability Of Hex Wrench 

Hex wrench is used to replace spanner wrenches used in angle grinders. Hex wrench, therefore, ensures that fixing the grinder is an easy task.

Bosch AG40-85P 4-1 2-Inch Angle Grinder

Bosch grinders are also one of the top rated grinders.

This grinder is rated as one of the best in the market, and some of its typical features include;

Excellent Ergonomics

This includes a vibration position handle located in two places which dampen the vibrations caused by the grinder. This feature, therefore, allows you to work comfortably while at the same time ensuring a steady grip on the machine due to reduced vibrations.

Dust Ejection System

This Dewalt grinder is designed with dust ejection system that greatly contributes to its overall durability by ejecting the particles of dust and debris entering through the air intake vent. Without this system, a lot of damages can be done on the machine.

Excellent Durability

This grinder has one of the most excellent tool life. This is because it contains a directed air flow which is used to blow away dust and debris from the grinder. This ensures that debris does not land on the vital areas of the machine thus extending tool life of the device.

Multi-Grip Paddle Switch

This allows you to have an excellent grip of the grinder. Also, this feature also enables you to change between different grip positions with ease thus increasing the comfort and flexibility of the grinding operation.

Excellent Power Ratings And Performance 

This grinder has a power rating of 8.5A and speeds of 11,500 RPM. This excellent amp rating ensures that the grinder cuts deeply and smoothly while at the same time allowing you to grind large surfaces.

Final Words

Selecting the right angle grinder for your workshop is one of the most important aspects since it ensures that you efficiently perform any task in the workshop. Doing a poor market research will thus lead you to select an inferior grinder which is not tailored to your needs leading you to perform your jobs poorly, slowly and be uncomfortable in its use.

Since you are looking for an excellent grinder, the grinders reviewed above are good choices for any job you will need to perform in the workshop.

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