Best Cordless Angle Grinder – Guide & Reviews

When you want to do some power grinding and cutting where you don't necessarily have to be using the power cord, the cordless grinder provides the perfect way to go about it.

There have been plenty of cordless grinder brands and models flooding the market lately. Most of them offer innovative features and can be trusted to deliver excellent performance.

However, a few of them are just there to be seen and bought but are substandard. No one wants a cordless grinder that doesn't meet the qualities needed for perfection to be achieved.

As much as price is a factor, it is always advisable to consider performance, ergonomics and other factors too.

Best Cordless Angle Grinder

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Cordless Angle Grinder

If you want to land on the best angle grinder that will meet your needs, take note of the following important things.

Size of Grinding Disk

The size of the disk a cordless grinder uses is a critical factor to consider. Different machines come with different disk sizes, and each task has the right disk size that can tackle it appropriately.

When the disk is too small, it wears off fast, and that means you will have to replace it at very short intervals. For convenience and easier job, you should consider going for a cordless grinder with a bigger disk. Look out for the maximum grinding disk size, and you will always a better grinding experience.

Power and Performance

The more powerful your machine is, the better the result and the easier the job. When you already know the intensity of the job at hand, you choose a grinder with the right power and performance to tackle it.

Most users would prefer something powerful and relentless as far as performance is concerned, so should you. The greater the power of its motor, the faster and better your grinding and cutting job will be done. Whenever you want to buy a cordless grinder, go for power while considering other factors as well.

Protective Features

Your safety comes first. Just like any power tool, you should look for the safety features in it. There several types of safety features and each works in a special way to offer protection.

They keep you from getting injuries that may occur while cutting or grinding. The more the protective features, the better, and each feature must offer maximum protection. A cordless grinder that exposes you to injuries should not be bought in the first place.

Design and Weight

Angle grinders vary in shapes and weight. These two features will greatly determine how easy the machine can be handled. Smaller and lightweight cordless angle grinders are always easy to hold and use, making work enjoyable.

They give more control to the user. Larger and heavier machines are bulky and are a little tricky to use. This might compromise the grinding or cutting results. Therefore, to get a good cordless angle grinder, you should choose the one that has a comfortable feel in your hands.

Recommended Best Cordless Angle Grinder

After considering every single feature, the best product must show itself. Though every single product in the list falls in the group of the best and only the best cordless angle grinders, there is one that leads the pack.

PORTER CABLE PCC761B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Cut-Off/Grinder

This is a powerful tool that cuts and grinds anything and everything that crosses its path.

In other words, this is one the best cordless angle grinders regarding performance, ergonomics and designs among other factors.

High-Performance Motor

The motor produces 8500 rpm. This is so much power, and I find it more than enough. I like it, though, giving me aggressive cutting, grinding, removing, and finishing.

Cast Metal Gear Housing

This is a protective or safety feature as much as it also influences the general performance. The housing helps dissipate the heat produced during extended use. This, in turn, protects you and the machine, giving you the required environment for longer use.

3-Position Side Handle

The handle provides control in numerous positions. This type of handle contributes to the machine's overall incredible performance and it enhances comfort needed while using the machine.

Spindle Lock

You know how necessary it is to be able to change the wheel quick and easy. The spindle lock ensures that you can achieve this. Through it, changing the wheel has never been simpler, hence maximizing efficiency.

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC411B 4-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Cut-Off Tool

DEWALT has done it again with this cordless grinder.

This is where innovation meets power to create one of the best power tools of this generation.

It will grind and cut any metal like a joke.

6500 RPM Motor

This just so much power in your hands, and no metal with prove impossible under any circumstance. It provides high power for grinding and cutting metal of any kind, from steel I-beams to rust rebar.

Quick-Change Wheel Release

With this feature, you don't need a wrench or any other tool to change the wheel. It provides easier and quicker wheel removal, hence reducing the hassle.

Side Handle with 2 Positions

It boasts a commercial side handle that offers steadfast gripping, more comfort, flexibility and alignment while you cut and grind. This way, it allows for a better work to be done.

Trigger Switch Lock Off

The trigger switch locks off button is strategically placed on the handle for convenience. Most importantly, the button keeps things moving while you concentrate on other tasks at hand.


The saw comes with 4 1/ 2 cutting and grinding wheel that can cut through most tough materials nicely and easily. The grinder also accepts standard wheels for cutoff, grinding, metal, and masonry.

Makita XAG01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Cut-Off/Angle Grinder

This cordless angle grinder would be a great addition to any job site.

It delivers a compact grinding power that is rare these days.

It towers high in every single feature, with a leading motor power.

Built-in LED Protection Circuit

This is the reason the motor won't blow up easily. The LED protection circuit has an over-torque control that protects the motor under all circumstances. This saves you from the costs of constant repair and replacements.

Ergonomic Shape

The grinder perfectly fits like a glove with its ergonomic shape. It is the kind of shape that allows for even pressure and extra easy control. This makes it easy to handle and operate.

Slide Switch

The slide switch has a lock-on that provide operational convenience. You don't have to hold the button all the time since this might encourage interruption.

Faster Grinding and Cutting

With an incredible 10000 RPM motor, expect a super speedy grinding a cutting, no matter the toughness of the metal under its wrath.

Makita XAG03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Cut-Off Angle Grinder

The XAG03Z model delivers corded grinding and cutting performance without any cord.

Many people who have used it attest its excellent performance.

Automatic Speed Change Technology

With this innovative feature, you can set for automatic speed and torque adjustment during operation. This is one of the different ways in which the power tool allows for optimum performance.

BL Brushless Motor

The BL brushless motor efficiently eliminates carbon brushes, hence enabling the BL motor to run and function cooler and more efficiently. This allows it to have a longer life in return.

Star Protection Computer Control

The grinder is fixed with star protection computer controls to protect it from overloading, overheating and over-discharging. It ensures that your machine is always safe and running.

Optimum Battery Energy Use

The grinder has an Efficient BL brushless motor that is electrically controlled with the aim of optimizing energy use for up to 50 percent longer run time per charge.

Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX Lithium Ion 4-12 grinder

This cordless grinder offers greater performance than it is always mistaken to deliver.

In other words, it's more powerful than it seems to.

Quick and Precise

With a 6500 motor, this cordless grinder offers quick grinding and cutting in a way that many users appreciates. You can be sure to finish your work on time, and the result will still be admirable.

Quick Repositioning

The grinder is equipped with a tool-free adjustable cutting guard, which allows for quick repositioning. This makes thing even easier for you while you cut and grind.

2-Position Handle

It is a cordless angle grinder that ensures maximum comfort and deliverability through its two position handle. This handle can be positioned on both sides for better performance.

Quick-Change Wheel

Most angle grinders are difficult to maintain, but not Dewalt DCG412B. It offers quick change wheel features that allow you to change the grinding or cutting wheel with minimum effort.

Final Words

Of all the cordless grinders I've had the opportunity to use, these are the five best. They are innovatively designed to offer maximum performance with every relevant feature in check.

Besides performance and ingenious designs, these power tools can last longer than you can imagine. They come in different shapes, sizes, and abilities, with most of them passing every single test to come out at the top.

Find out the kind of task you want to use your cordless angle grinder for, and choose the right one for the job. That way, you will have the best grinder, and a job well done all the time.

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