Best Right Angle DiePneumatic Grinders – Guide & Reviews

Right Angle die grinders are small, lightweight tools which are similar in application with the metal grinder safe for the fact that Right Angle are used on finer jobs. Die grinders are light duty and not applicable in the removal of weld slag for instance.

These grinders are fitted with a collet of size ¼ inches for holding multiplicities of tips. Smaller ones, however, have collets of 1/8 inches.On the collets, assorted accessories can be fitted from grinding wheels to carbide cutting tips and sanding disks. This ability to attach different tips makes the tool very versatile and good for different jobs.

Right Angle die grinders have found application in other areas such as crafts and jewelry making, unlike metal grinders which are only used on metals. They are small enough to fit on one hand and are designed to allow for better control and comfort.

Best Right Angle DiePneumatic Grinders

Things To Consider When Best Right Angle Die Grinder

Right Angle die grinders find application in many smaller and light duty areas and thus type of job greatly determines the kind of tool to buy. The following factors are almost universal in selecting Right Angle die grinders.

Power Of The Motor

The voltage, watt, and amperage ratings vary from one grinder to another. Most buyers prefer voltage ratings of 110-230V and 500-2500watts. The ampere ratings start from 4 to 15 and lower current and power ratings are best suited for domestic jobs. Professional can choose higher ratings for heavier and continuous tasks.

Speed Ratings

Every tool user wants one that performs its duties quickly and perfectly. The speeds that are available range from 5000 to 25000 rpm. Greater speed guarantees quick jobs but with high speed the risk of injury sets in. It's hence tantamount that one protects himself adequately while handling grinders.

Level Of Comfort

Regardless of the size of the grinder, one chooses, the level of comfort is one key factor one has to consider. The size and the weight of the grinder determine its comfort. The grinders that are made compact, lightweight and with a small handle are ease to handle and comfortable. Equally, grinders equipped anti-vibration handles increase the luxury of using them.


Key on Right Angle die Grinders selection is the safety of the user and the machine. No one wants a machine that will injure you or one that will get damaged easily. Safe Right Angle die Grinders should come with eye shields to prevent the user from flying debris.

It should be equipped with a ‘dead man's switch' to prevent accidental switch on besides having a cool air flow system the motor during continuous operation.

​Other Considerations

• Wheels and accessories; wheels should be interchangeable.

• Its size and weight; a smaller and lightweight is better.

• Disc size; depending on the job you wish to apply on.

• Price variation and customer support.

Recommended Best Right Angle DiePneumatic Grinders

The following five Right Angle die Grinders have been reviewed being among the best available in the market.

Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die Grinder

The 301B is economical and offers the best deal when it comes to general purpose grinding. Read through the following features and you will understand what I mean by being economical.

It has been designed stronger and faster compared to other right angle Grinders. It is smaller and light weight and thus making it easier to operate in hard to reach spots.

Power Motor

The 301B can grind, de-burr and polish almost every surface with its 0.25HP motor that runs at an incredible speed of 21,000 rpm. It can work quite perfectly fine for small jobs but not for so much professional applications.


To reduce operational vibration and boost its life span, the 301B has a durable ball-bearing construction. The casing is made stronger to aid protecting the inner parts.


Strong aluminum has been used to construct the casing protecting the inner parts and enabling it to withstand rough exterior conditions.


For versatility, the 301B is equipped with ¼inches and 6mm collets. The Collet can handle different sizes of discs and other accessories.


The compact design and little vibration increase the luxury and comfort of operation. Its compressor can give out of the water. Thus, it might sound wise to add a moisture catcher.

Ingersoll Rand 3101G Edge Series Air Angle Die Grinder

Unlike its counterpart the 301B, the 3101G is designed for heavier duties. It is small and lightweight.

The following are some of its features.

Suitability And Ergonomics

The handle has been ergonomically designed to make the handling comfortable. Beside porting and grinding, the 3101 can do weld breaking.


The Ingersoll Rand 3101G is fitted with a rear exhaust; although it keeps the working surface somehow messy.

Powerful Motor

Its motor runs at 20,000rpm, and it is best suited for finishing jobs with its 0.3HP motor. It has one ¼ inch collect and a self-locking level throttle.

Comfortable To Use

The 3101G is more quitter than most grinders giving you the comfort of a silent working environment. It comes with a special fitting for grease to enable the user to keep the gears properly lubricated.

Air Consumption 

Its air consumption is about 3 CFM and 18 CFM at load which makes this tool very efficient in energy consumption more especially for small compressors.


Has a total length of about 6 inches and weight of 2.25lbs, this Grinder is ease to handle especially in small spots. The position of the dust ejection system near the handle may sometimes pose a challenge in handling.

​Customer Care 

The Manufacturer provides 12 months warranty on parts and an equal number of months of labor. The ring gear may at some point slide down on the output shaft but can be repositioned back.

AIRCAT 6255 Professional Series Red Composite Angle Die Grinder

Excellence and quality make is what designers and manufacturers of Aircat 6255 invested so much on this tool.


It is ideal for workshop and domestic applications. The air intake and ejection system ensure there is no back drawing of air thus guaranteeing low noise levels in the grinder.


The handle specially designed and has been patented to give the user more comfort and luxury. It has a ¼ inches collet; it weighs 0.49kgs and measures about 7 inches in length.

Air Consumption

Its airflow is 90 psi and a consumption of 7.8CFM. It consumes less air and thus good for those having small compressors.

Gearing And Exhaust

The gearing surface is the best quality in the market; its muffler/filter has been designed and patented specifically for this machine giving it a low noise and higher torque.

Quality Certification

It has been CE certified, and it meets the European Union safety, health, and environmental requirements.

Power Design And Construction 

The Aircat 6255 offers the decent power of more than 0.25HP at 20,000 rpm from its smooth running motor. It has a high-quality construction and overall design.

Campbell Hausfeld Commercial CL254100AV Angle Die Grinder

Campbell Hausfeld Commercial CL254100AV Angle Die Grinder

The Hausfeld CL254100AV is very convenient for heavy commercial jobs such as construction and contractors.

Its head is made right handed to enable penetration into spots that are hard to reach.

The handle is has a customized contoured rubber that gives the user a better grip during operation

Power And Control

The inbuilt regulator automatically controls grinding speed. Its power rating is 0.45HP courtesy of the pneumatic motor which runs at 18,000rpm.

Air Consumption

With 128 SCFM of air consumption you are guaranteed low consumption but a higher torque at the output.


For safety, the manufacturer added a latch throttle lever and an adjustable exhaust deflector. Its Fein design ensures that dust and metal shavings do not enter the tool through the miniscule.

Dimensions And Weight 

It measures less than 8 inches and weighs less than 0.5kgs. This dimension makes it tapered thus making it two-handed use. 


It can be applied to both wood and automotive workshops. Hausfeld CL254100AV is designed to meet all requirements a customer would need from a Grinder.

Dynabrade 18010 Autobrade Red Right Angle Die Grinder

The compact and lightweight design of this tool makes the Dynabrade very attractive to buy.

It comes with an optional 1/8 inches collet besides the ¼ collet. Which provide for extreme ergonomics, handling and the ease of use.

Powerful Motor

The motor is very efficient and has been fitted with an internal speed regulator. It runs at 0.25HP at 18,000rpm which gives the user quick job handling.

Comfortable Handle

The handle is made with anti-vibration characteristics, which makes it comfortable to handle and therefore increase its usability.


One can fix both the sanding and polishing discs in addition to other accessories besides a 2-inch holder for Roloc-types of discs.


It has a safety –lock lever for user and equipment protection. The casing is made of tough aluminum to give it the extra protection externally.

Final Words

Finding the best right angle to fit your job is always not a walk in the pack. The problem is further compounded when you have no idea what to look for in a Grinder.

After going through the factors aforementioned in selecting the grinder, you will be able to be in a position to purchase the best Grinder. When buying always consider that is easy and comfortable besides your personal preferences.

Other than the factors mentioned it's also important to take into consideration the make and model of the Grinder; the more popular brands/models are likely to be more powerful and rank among the best.

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