Best Small Angle Grinders – Guide & Reviews

Small angle grinders are the Grinders on the lower end of the scale as far as wheel diameter is concerned. The small angle refers to the diameter of the wheel which in all these grinders is not more than six inches.

Most small angle grinders come at four and a half inches, but there are grinders that also have a diameter of six inches.

Small angle grinders are useful for a variety of purposes, but they are most important for jobs that require high degrees of precision as the grinder is small enough to be able to anticipate minute changes.

These grinders are also suitable for small spaces to get in and provide service there. Small angle grinders come in many shapes and sizes which makes choosing one especially difficult.

What buyers need most of the time is a guide of a kind which should make their job much easier, this is one such guide.

Best Small Angle Grinders

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Small Angle Grinders

The first step in choosing an appropriate machine that is of the small angle variety is considering a number of factors that will make this decision that much easier to get to.

These factors are not that much complex, but they still must be carefully considered. If not considered the buyer isn't likely to get the best angle grinder he or she needs.


The angle grinder when operating causes a lot of vibration which can be uncomfortable to the user. If any device has vibration reducing capabilities, this device should be embraced. Buyers should look for such devices.

No Load Speed

The buyer should also look at the no-load speed and choose a device that provides the appropriate speed for their task. Whether the speed is too high or too low depends on what they want to achieve.

Adjustable Side Handle

The user should look for a device with an adjustable side handle for easy switching between left-hand use and right-hand use.


Power is determined by the voltage and the current. Users must go for devices with higher power output for the best devices.

Best Recommended Small Angle Grinders

There are many kinds of grinders out there that are of the small angle variety. Choosing a specific from all these different products available in the market can be a real nightmare.

Even with the specifications outlined above a buyer still needs more guiding before choosing the right angle grinder. The following five are the best of the lot. Their features will be briefly discussed to give buyers more insight.

DEWALT DWE4011 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder

This is a quality angle grinder from Dewalt that features a small wheel with a diameter of four and a half inches.

It comes with many features that show the makers thought hard before putting it out into the market.

One Touch Guard

The one touch guard eliminates the need for the tool to adjust guard location. This is one of the most important features about this angle grinder as it adds to flexibility and most importantly makes the device very easy to use.


The device is extra durable. It has a jam pot case that allows for it to be durable and resistant to outside forces. This jampot case in addition to providing extra durability also makes the device extra flexible. It allows the device to fit into small spaces and most crevices.


The device features a cord. This means that it depends on mains electricity to work. This eliminates the need for batteries which can be very unreliable and run out during an operation. Mains power provides a stable source of power for a longer time.

12000 Rpm

The device is so powerful that it features a reputable 12000 revolutions per minute. At this rate, all work involving cutting and grinding is made extra simple. The number of revolutions also means the device is powerful enough to cut through most common materials without stress.

DEWALT DWE4012 7-Amp 12000 RPM Paddle Switch Small Angle Grinder

This is another angle grinder from Dewalt, which means that it also boasts quality and attention to detail and reliability as we always associate with all other products from the same company.

It has some features as well which are the following:

Adjustable Side Handle

Most angle grinders are made to be able to accommodate majority of the population. This means that the side handle is mostly placed in areas where right handed people might find convenient. This device features adjustable side handles taking care of left handed people as well.

Adequate Current

Current is a measure of the lower of the device. Devices with more power must have a higher current production rate. This device has a current output of 7.5 Amps meaning that it can produce enough power to run operations.

Accepts Accessories

Like other devices from Dewalt, this device can accept and function well with other accessories. This makes it useful as more than just a regular angle grinder.

Uses Mains Electricity

Mains electricity is electricity from the grid. Devices which use mains electricity have cords to be able to anchor them to sockets. Mains electricity is more reliable because it isn't likely to run out and also offers more stable current flow.

Black & Decker G950 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder

Black and Decker are known for the quality of their products. This grinder is of the small angle variety.

These kinds of grinders are very valuable these days. It features majestic features and is useful for many purposes.

Contoured Body

One of the many important things a grinder must have is a contoured body. A contoured body means a body that has bumps and ridges. These bumps and ridges make the grip of the device that much better. A user can therefore not drop the device accidentally while using it. This makes the device Safer to use as well as giving it a beautiful exterior.

Spindle Size Flexibility

The spindle can allow all kinds of accessories to be fitted into the device for maximum working potential. This makes the device very flexible and versatile. This is an important advantage to have in these days.

2-Year Warranty

The company provides warranty for two years. Warranty is an important feature of any product and one that is almost non-negotiable when thinking of a device to buy. Warranty assured you of easy time while using the device because you are ways sure that the manufacturer has your back.


When a user buys one of these devices, they don't just get one angle grinder. They also get a load of accessories that go with it. These accessories include metal grinding wheels, spanner wrenches, and side handles. All these make the device more useful.

Milwaukee 6130-33 7 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder

This is a premium grinder that ensures all your duties around your house or workshop are well taken care of. The device comes with a variety of features which include:


The body is made of the best metal, and the device itself has parts that are built to last. Users will be impressed by the tough exterior which makes this device last very long and provides many years of service.

Burst Resistant Guard

The body of the device is surrounded by a guard that provides added toughness but also protects against bursting. When the device malfunctions, therefore, there is no fear of it bursting on your face and causing harm.

Multi-Port Exhaust System

The device features a truly advanced exhaust system that comprises of multi ports. There is no fear of exhaust gasses being retained in the system and causing malfunctioning. This makes the device Safer as well as making it environmentally friendly and less costly.

Long Cord

The device is corded meaning that it uses mains electricity. The length of the cord should be of concern because it impacts the usefulness of the device. Here the cord length is an impressive eight feet making it easy to use without risk of the cord snapping.

DEWALT DWE402K 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Angle Grinder Kit

The last device on this list is also a Dewalt, which should assure the reader of its quality.

It should also cheer the reader that this device is also one of the best small angle grinders on the market.

Low Profile Gear System

The gear system of any angle grinder determines how the grinder will work. It can either be made more flexible or less flexible. With a low profile gear System, the device can easily access right spaces and therefore makes work easier.

Dust Ejection System.

Dust can be detrimental to the functioning of an angle grinder. This device features a very advanced dust ejection system which ensures that no dust gets to the interior and cause harm to the working components.

Safety Lock Off

The device is made safer by the presence of a safety lock off that guard against accidental initiation and a padded switch that also makes operation easier.

Fast Material Removal

Because of the material removal speed, this device is truly effective. There are systems in place which give the device fast rotation speeds and make the removal of dust and other debris quick for the efficient functioning of the device.

Final Verdict

The presence of so many angle grinders can make the task of choosing one tough. With so many available it is easy to get the wrong one.

That is why this guide is provided to you to be able to go through and choose the best device depending on your needs.

A prospective buyer should go through each device carefully noting the features before settling on a grinder that they truly feel complements them.

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