Best Variable Speed Angle Grinders – Guide & Reviews

I have had to use most of the good and bad angle grinders in the market today, and I can say technology has improved this industry a great deal.

There are plenty of perfectly engineered angle grinders out there, trust me. When it comes to the best variable speed angle grinders, selection can be tough, but when you know what to look for, it can be easier that one plus one.

These reviews contain a list of some five of the greatest angle grinders with variable speed, and most of the have the capacity to do any cutting and grinding job no matter how tough the material can be.

Best Variable Speed Angle Grinders

Things to Consider When buying the Best Variable Speed Angle Grinders

As a wise buyer, you do not just buy any product without consideration some important aspects that make the product great. Here are some crucial things you should think of when you are making your purchase.

Size of the Grinder

The size of the grinder matter great in length, with each size having its strength and weaknesses. Bigger grinders can handle larger jobs, and you'll find them very efficient and effective at this.

On the other hand, smaller grinders spin much faster. This is basic physics principle that should guide you into selecting the right grinder for your job. Determine if the task at hand requires a larger grinder for a larger job capacity, or if a smaller, fast spinning grinder will do just fine.

Area of Use

Different grinders are designed for different uses. Even when an angle grinder can perform in all areas, there is one main area it's meant to serve. There are angle grinders for masonry, metal, woodwork and so on. Make sure you buy only the right machine for the job.

There are also grinders performing when in each category of grinding, cutting, sanding, sharpening or polishing. There are many angle grinders with variable speed that can perform multiple tasks with the same effectiveness, and these are the kinds that are common.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The easier it is to use and maintain the better. Most machines are so complex to operate, hence wasting your valuable time that you could have invested in the real work.

The best angle grinder with variable speed is easy to control, operate and maintain. Its features must be well outlined and providing the necessary assistance needed for successful use. Features such as quick and easy wheel change improve the overall ease of use of the machine.


There are plenty of durable angle grinders out there, but there are machines that won't last you long too. Very many factors determine durability. These are the feature that improves the general durability of a grinder.

A grinder with features put in place to protect the motor, or reduce overheating is good and should be considered a great machine. Look for the protective features, which ensure that the grinder can work more, and still be able to last long.

Recommended Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder

Grinders with variable speed are pretty efficient. They allow you to control the power and speed for each kind of job. There are plenty of good grinders, and these five are the best. However, the one on the top has proven to be greater than its counterparts in a many ways.


This is a very good quality machine that is also known to work greatly.

Compared to most grinders of the same kind, the Kawasaki 841428 offers the kind of performance that is hard to find among grinders.

Exceptional Comfort

This grinder is ingeniously designed to take the sting out of the work. With a three position handle and soft touch housing, you experience an exceptional comfort while using the grinders no matter how difficult the job is.

Accepts Several Wheels

The fact that this grinder accepts all the 5/8 inches x 4 1/ 2 inches cutting and grinding wheels, makes it convenient and gives the user easier work to work with.

Maximum Power

Working with angle grinder has never been any easier compared to this. With a powerful 7.5 amp, this angle grinder can cut and grind the hardest metal with so much ease and without much struggle.

Quick and Tough

Speed always matters a lot in angle grinders. This grinder delivers with exceptional speed. This means that your cutting or grinding work will be done in no time. It also works tough, making it a dependable piece of technology.


The Hitachi G12VA is a result of innovativeness and creativity, with the two field coming together to create one of the best variable speed angle grinders of this generation.

Powerful Motor

What this grinder delivers is the real meaning of power. With a 13 amp motor, this angle grinder cuts and grinds like the powerful machine that it is. Nothing is left undone as far as grinding and cutting are concerned.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The angle grinder weighs just 4.4 pounds. Its compact and lightweight design, together with its low profile facilitates maximum maneuverability. This makes it perfect for tight spaces and overhead applications.

Variable Speed

This is one of the features that sets it apart. You can choose from various speed options depending on the type of work at hand. Some jobs require more speed than others.

Anti-Vibration Side Handle

To maximize comfort and safety of the user during its use, this angle grinder features an anti-vibration side handle. Extended use will not strain you anymore.

Metabo WEV15-125 HT Lock-On 13.5 Amp 2,800-9,600 rpm Angle Grinder

Another top quality angle grinder with variable speed that you can buy is the Metabo WEV15-125 HT Lock-On 13.5 Amp.

I've used this grinder a lot of time, and no single time has it disappointed me in any way. It comes with some of the best features in the industry.

Matabo Long-Life Motor

With up to 50 percent more torque, the grinder offer quicker material removal. It also has up to 20 percent higher overload capacity. These features add to its overall efficiency.

Electronic Overload Protection

Another protective feature which ensures your machine lives long. This feature helps protect the power tool from excessive heating during demanding applications. This, in turn, allows it to provide long service life.

Electronic Shaft Startup

The angle grinder features electronic shaft startup that has proven to be very efficient for better functionality. The startup increases user control and extends motor life.

S-Automatic Safety Clip Clutch

This is Metabo features. It helps you to maintain control whenever the accessory jams, hence reducing the likelihood of any kickback. That is how it allows for smoother functioning all the way.

Makita 9565CV 5-Inch Variable Speed Angle Grinder

Makita is a reputable company that produces some of the greatest power tools of our generation.

This specific model is ingeniously designed to give users outstanding performances when it comes to grinding and cutting.

Super Joint System Technology

This is a handy feature that disengages the motor in case the grinding wheel binds or catches, hence preventing gear damage. It ensures your grinder is protected while in use.

Several Accessories

This angle grinder comes with several accessories, including 5-inch grinding wheel, lock nut wrench, side handle, inner flange, and tool-less wheel guard.

Powerful Motor

This is one powerful machine, with a powerful 12 amp motor. Its motor delivers between 2800-10500 rpm, which allows for better performance on even the toughest materials.

Constant Speed Control

The automatic speed control automatically applies extra power to the motor to maintain speed under load. This feature allows for easier control and use of the machine.

Makita GA4530 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

This angle grinder features a highly innovative design. A single feature in this machine is improved.

It weighs less, works more with it high power motors, and gives a great finish.

Fast and Powerful

With a 6 amp motor, Makita ga4530 provides 11000 rpm for a super-fast grinding and powerful performance in general. Any user would prefer a powerful machine because of the wider use capacity.

Enhanced User Comfort

It features an adjustable side handle that has two positions to enhance user comfort. Together with its lightweight and compact design, you will find it a lot easy to operate and control.

Machine Beveled Gears

These features enhance the durability. You can expect to get up to twice the working life of other from this machine. This feature ensures more life to the gears as well as the machine.

Lock-on Switch

When the job gets too long, you can easy get tired with everything. But with the lock-on switch, you will have more time to relax while working. In other words, it makes the job easier for you so you can work for longer.

Final Words

When it comes to the best variable speed angle grinders, these are the leading best on the market today. With all factors considered, they come out atop with little competition.

There many other great angle grinders out there, with variable speed or without, but these five grinders are the best under this category.

I have had a fair share of my experience with them, and I can admit that they are extraordinary in one way or the other. So if you are looking to add power and performance in your workshop, any of these will do, depending on the kind of job at hand.

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