Dewalt D28115 Review

In the fields of carpentry, metalwork, and most other technical fields, angle grinders are key pieces of equipment that are used for some purposes including smoothing surfaces or removing excess debris, cutting into metal or wood, and much more.

They are therefore very handy to have around a workshop. The new Dewalt is one of these angle grinders and as with any other piece of equipment from them, this one doesn’t disappoint.

I came across it as I was looking for a few new supplies for my workshop and suffice to say it blew my mind. I’ve been using this grinder for some months now, and the thing has never defaulted or so much as stop running once.

It is a reliable piece of machinery that also delivers high precision work. Once you purchase it, your cutting will never be the same again. The new Dewalt has some features that give it an edge over most of its competitors.

Understanding these features will help you make a wise purchase. Understanding what it offers is an essential part that should help inform your decision. We’ll get into these features tight away then.

Excellent Operation

Angle grinders are best measured by the power output they have. And this is an important measure as the power output is what determines how effective and powerful the device is.

The Dewalt has a thirteen amps AC/ DC motor for providing power. In regard to the horsepower that is 2.3 horsepower, a level of power that should be enough to make any jobs that it is put to easy. With this power, it supplies a revolution speed of 9000 rpm, amazingly fast so that your finishing is smooth, and cutting precise. Also, overload protection is assured.

Dust Ejection

Dust and debris are usually the bane of any angle grinder. If dust manages to infiltrate the system, the chances are that your device won’t function for long. It clogs the system and interferes with functioning.

Removing dust is very hard, so it is better just to find a way to prevent it from getting in in the first place. This device has an advanced dust ejection system; that targets air vents especially as this is where most dust enters the machine through. Dust cannot enter the machine. Therefore, it is safe.Dewalt D28115 Review

Quick Change Wheel

The wheel is the most important part of the angle grinder for it is through the wheel that most cutting and grinding is done.

It is necessary for the device to be able to accommodate wheel changes in a hurry and effortlessly. This device has a quick-change wheel release that allows free wheel removal in a hurry so that you can get back to the more important things.

Dual Abrasion Protection

The motor which powers the whole thing is especially susceptible to dust. To prevent its exposure to elements of the atmosphere, it has a dual abrasion protection.

This is a mode which offers an extra level of protection to the motor apart from the usual protection that prevents against dust coming in through the filters. Dust and debris are the completely prevented from getting to the motor.

Vibration Reduction

While operating the machine, vibration can be a source of irritation and annoyance. If also leads to tiring out easily.

To prevent all this, the side handles are equipped with vibration reducing mechanisms, making handling the device a lot more comfortable. It also ensures that you can work with it for a longer time.

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  • Very light.
  • It is durable so can handle a range of assignments.
  • Awesome quick release.
  • Features low profile head.
  • Easy to change heads.
  • Superior trigger mechanism.


  • The grinding wheel is not included in the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is brush hang up prevented?

A: By use of one piece brush arm.

Q: What is the purpose of auto off?

A: Shuts down the tool when brushes need replacing to avoid damage.

Q: What is the length of the cord that comes with this device?

A: There are eight feet of provided cord.

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Final Verdict

It is a suitable and standard operating system that should serve any user remarkably well. The accessories it comes with as well as the inbuilt features it has to make it an excellent angle grinder.

The eight feet of cord mean that it can reach into any number of places comfortably and provide services there as well.

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