Dewalt D28402K Review

Most commercial angle grinders don’t last because they are not tough enough. Finding a strong one can take you a lot of energy and time, especially if you don’t know what and how to look for in a product.

With trustable brands such as Dewalt, you can find some pretty good models to help you with your grinding works. I’ve used the Dewalt D28402K long enough to know all its strengths and weaknesses.

The grinder comes with a variety of innovative features, which have revolutionized angle grinder industry a great deal.

Besides being sturdy and strong, this grinder in very durable and can last. I’ve been using mine for quite a while now, and it doesn’t seem to spot any signs of wear and tear.

It is still in great condition, grinding like I just bought it yesterday. In fact, this is the angle grinder that has rekindled my trust on Dewalt products after taking a break from the brand for a considerable period.

One Piece Arm Brush

Dewalt D28402K boasts one-piece arm brush which stops the bigger bits of debris and dirt from sticking inside the grinder’s mechanism.

The brush is, therefore, a vital feature because it reduces the risk of dame to the tool and you as well. The presence of the brush, you can keep working away at your projects for longer.

Freely Rotating Wheel Guard

The grinder has a strategically placed wheel guard that also rotates freely around the motor’s shaft. The guard is conveniently held in place with a lever-actuated compression clamp.

The clamp can rotate an entire 360 degrees and can only be clamped in position in areas where there is ample room to fasten the lever. This is helpful in ensuring maximum use of the angle grinder any particular time and is, therefore, a vital feature.

Dust Ejection System

The dust ejection system is one of the standout features of this grinder. It boasts an innovative dust ejection system. It is designed for the safe grinding and cutting of concrete.

It has an extraction fan that sucks in any harmful dust and fumes during the cutting process to protect you from the debris that can otherwise end up in your lungs. It is a feature that has kept me safe for all the months that I’ve constantly been grinding.Dewalt D28402K Review

Efficient and Easy to Use

Just from the moment you hold the grinder in your hands, you will be impressed with its weight. It is made to offer the best performance, and to function efficiently. The grinder is super easy to use and operate, and won’t tire you even if you were to use it for longer hours. This is one of the qualities that keep this angle grinder at the top among grinder the same kind.

Low Profile Gear Case

The case provides precise gear alignment for a smooth and quiet transmission while still allowing access to tight spaces.

As a DIY enthusiast, the quieter and smoother the angle grinder while operating the better. We all want our work to be stress-free and going on as expected, and that is exactly what Dewalt D28402K offers. I enjoy using it so much, and that is how I’ve become so fond of it.

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  • Smooth and quiet transmission
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Offer user protection
  • High performer
  • Powerful 11000 RPM motor


  • Not the best for heavy duty use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I know when the arm brush needs replacement?

A: The auto off brush feature is intelligent and will shut the grinder down when the brush needs replacement.

Q: How easy to replace the discs?

A: The grinder boasts keyless chuck for quick changes in which the spindle button releases discs instantly.

Q: What if I don’t need all that power?

A: You can purchase a smaller motor a considerable low price

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Final Verdict

Dewalt D28402K is a true monster and performs just like one. Whenever I’m using it, I enjoy every bit of the job. It chews through anything like its nothing.

I have some doubts before I took it off the shelves at a local store, but after the first use, I knew I had chosen the right angle grinder. If you are looking for a power tool that will never disappoint under any condition, it is only wise that you try this product out.

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