Hitachi G12SE2 Review

If you are doing most of the painting work and masonry in your home, then there is a need for a smart and reliable devices and tools which will work in such cases. If you are one of these people, then the hunt is almost over because the new Hitachi G12SE2 grinding machine is here to help you. It is a fantastic tool that is easy to use.

It has a disc grinder that will help you to grind mortar, brickwork and paint on the walls without any problem.

The grinder has a very powerful 9-amp motor with an output power of 1900 watts and produces 10,000 revolutions per minute on the grinding disc. It has a large paddle switch which locks on and enables the user to control it as needed.

In short it is light in weight, has a powerful motor, removable side handle, has large paddle switch, and it is very durable.


The Hitachi G12SE2 grinder is designed with a durable body. The materials are strong enough to withstand tough working conditions. The armature is sealed in a durable casing material ensuring that it keeps away from dust and debris.

Therefore, its durability is a guarantee when you purchase it. Also, the commercial-grade helical cut gears enhance further durability of this grinder. Finally, the carbon brush allows the user to replace it as needed so as to prolong the life of the tool.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

 Working with a light tool is fun and interesting. It is because you will use less effort to carry the tool especially if you are working for long hours.

The lightweight of a machine ensures the user does not get fatigued easily, thus with Hitachi G12SE2 grinder you are assured of long working free-fatigue hours as it weighs only 4.2 pounds. The lightweight facilitates maneuverability and makes the machine an excellent tool for overhead applications.Hitachi G12SE2 Review

Comfortable Grip

A comfortable handle which is easy to grip when working will ensure your safety whenever you are working with grinders. It is a wise idea, therefore, to invest in a comfortable tool to enable you to work for longer periods without getting tired and having injuries.

 For this reason, the designers of Hitachi G12SE2 grinder placed a removable side handle to enhance improved control and comfort of the user.

Large Paddle

A large paddle switch is provided in Hitachi G12SE2 grinder. It can lock on or can be controlled by the user as needed thus improving control of this device.

The grinder also features a spindle lock feature for safe and easy disc changes. Another feature worth mentioning is that this machine produces 10,000 revolutions per minute.

Powerful Motor

A powerful motor of 9.5-amps is what Hitachi G12SE2 grinder operates on. This motor produces a very high speed and torque which makes work easy. The powerful motor thus enhances efficiency and convenience of this machine to the operator.

It results in a high output power of 1900 watts which is good, making the motor flexible to work with. Note that working at an angle does not have any effect on the final product as the machine has been designed to work at any angle.

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  • Relatively priced
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Light in weight
  • Protects other parts like the armature, motor thus boosting longevity


  • It comes without a casing
  • It does not offer variable speeds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What safety precaution is put in place to ensure the grinder does not run when not being used?

A: Good question. The grinder has a push button just like the horn of a vehicle that will make it to work when pressed by the operator.

Q: Can I use other cutting blades on it like glass cutting blade to cut glass?

A: Yes you can since most of them are diamond coated and are readily available at Amazon.

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Final Verdict

I hope this grinder’s review has helped you and if there is anything you have not gotten right, go back and re-read so you can make a good selection of the grinder that will give you good quality of your money.

According to customers who have purchased Hitachi G12SE2 grinder, they have given this grinder excellent comment at Amazon website.

This is an indication of better performance just like I have given it a good rating because of what it does to me when I am in my workshop. I therefore highly recommend Hitachi G12SE2 grinder.

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