Hitachi GS12SR3 Review

Hitachi is a very reputable firm, coming up with a lot of different products for different markets. When it comes to angle grinders, the gs12sr3 model is one of their latest and a true wonder to behold.

On top of being one of the lighter angle grinders around, it also comes equipped with accessories. Accessories make the work of the primary piece of equipment easy by providing valuable additions to the functionality.

The designers took real care to make the device ergonomically sound so as to make it easy to handle. They also made it be of small size so that it can be portable and usable in hard to reach places.

There are modifications as well when compared to earlier models, and what all this does is make the instrument a master instrument and one that can be used for a variety of purposes bit still be able to work smoothly.

The features which give this device its flexibility and general superiority are outlined below, as part of the drive towards making a case for it.

Comfortable Design

In a bid to increase comfort the device was made with the forward side removable. The making of the forward side attachment and the removable canted side serves to increase comfort to the user.

When the strain becomes too much, all they have to do is remove the front part. The designers had the user in mind when they were designing this angle grinder.

Excellent Power Output

For angle grinders, power counts for a lot, very much, in fact. An angle grinder with low power is at best a less than useful device.

In line with this, the designers of this grinder included a powerful 6 amp motor which at full functioning delivers 400W of power to the device ensuring that all your grinding and cutting projects are adequately taken care of.Hitachi GS12SR3 review

Trigger Lock On

To ensure continuous functioning, there is a trigger lock on the mechanism. Continuous operation is a vital component because most of the time a user cannot leave a job half done to deal with one or more aspects of the machine.

Whenever one of these situations arise trigger lock on comes into play to ensure smooth functioning.

Long Lasting Brushes

Brushes are another critical component of grinders. They perform most of the work and without them, the device wouldn’t function at all. Because of this having long lasting brushes is an essential need of all angle grinders.

The brushes on this device have had extended life due to the auto stop carbon technology embedded on them. The addition enhances durability meaning your brushes can last longer and serve you more.

Compact And Lightweight

Lastly, the design of the components and especially in regards to the materials used makes the device extra light. This innovation translates to extra comfort for the user, for holding 3.1 pounds of a machine shouldn’t be such a strenuous undertaking.

In addition to the lightness of weight, it is also compactly made to occupy as little space as possible, making storing it easy.

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  • Light for easy handling.
  • Has trigger lock status.
  • The head is low profile for easy maneuverability.
  • Small so that it can get into tight spaces.
  • Includes a side switch.


  • Not ideal for heavy duty tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the accessories included?

A: A convenient side switch, a carrying case, and five abrasive discs.

Q: What is the weight of the product when packed?

A: 10 pounds including all the accessories. The weight of the actual product is three pounds.

Q: How many grinder wheels are included?

A: Five grinder wheels are included for steel applications.

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Final Verdict

Users who want reliability and good service coupled with the backing of long length warranty should go for this device.

In addition to this, users who want a device that is durable and can last through all manner of situations, which would wreck another angle grinder, should also consider it.

In other words, this is an all-purpose grinder that works well for both precision jobs and jobs that require a lot more effort. I would highly recommend it.

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