Makita 9564CV Review

The days when any grinder would do the grinding work is long gone, and now, only quality, high performing tools are needed to do the work right.

Time has changed, with many new grinders the market. You can gamble with anything else, but when it comes to grinders, you must always try to go for the best in case you want to achieve nothing but perfection in your work. I have used some grinders, and I know the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.

Makita 9564CV is one of my favorites. This grinder is one of a kind, is a high performer, and great for perfect grinding work results.

Manufactured by the highly reputable industrial company Makita, the 9564CV is feature packed with some of the most innovative features you can find within its price range. Since I bought this machine; I do my job pretty fast, and the results are amazing.

12 AMP Motor

This grinder has a 12 AMP motor that conveniently provides all the output power for grinding. This is why it provides with the best way to grind stones of any kind, wood, or whatever it is that you want to until it becomes super smooth all the way.

Its smooth starter ensures that every start-up is smooth while you use the machine in your activities.

Incorporates Technology

Makita being the power tools production giant that it is, it has proved to the world of power tools through this innovative product that whatever other companies can do it can do much better. Companies incorporate technology into their products, but Makita has done it with extra artfulness.

Their revolutionary super-Joint system technology disconnects gears from the motor in case the wheel binds or catches as a way of protecting the motor and gear. Makita 9564CV Review

High Performance and Speed

This grinder features a variable speed control dial with an incredible five stage options that gives you the opportunity to control its speed to suit your application.

Unlike some other grinders, with Makita 9564CV, I don’t have to work with a fixed and unreliable speed for different stone types. The grinder offers the stage options from 2800 to 10500 RPM, which I find great for a wide range of applications.

Sturdy Streamlined Design

Makita 9564CV has a streamlined designed that is also strong enough for all working conditions. The grinder is ergonomically designed so that you can find it easy to operate. It also features side handles and a wheel guard adjustments that allow for clamping.

I have used my grinder with some of the toughest stones, and its performance is not affected. It is one of the best designed and strongest grinders you can find today.

Electronic Limiter

The electronic current limiter protects the motor from overload. It helps maintain the working angle of your grinder by stopping the motor whenever there is motor overload.

This, in turn, prevents burnout from occurring, hence ensuring that the grinder functions adequately and last longer.  It is a vital feature that highly protects your grinder, allowing you to use it for a longer period before it completely breaks down on you.


  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Incorporates the latest technology
  • No vibrations
  • Easy to use and operate


  • Slightly heavier

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the grinder weigh?

A: Makita 9564CV only weighs approximately 4 pounds, which I find convenient.

Q: Can I use it continuously without stopping?

A: The grinder has a slide switch containing lock-on setting for continuous use

Q: What is it maximum speed?

A: The grinder has a maximum speed of 10500 RPM. It has a variable speed control dial that has five stage options falling between 2800 and 10500

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Final Verdict

As someone who has been using Makita 9564CV for quite some time, I can tell you that it is a powerful angle Grinder that I find extremely reliable too.

Any serious user should consider using this product for angle grinding. It saves a lot of money, electricity and precious time, all just in the way it is built and structured. I find its versatility uncontested. You can use it in more than one ways and perform best in each task. So if you want a contemporary angle grinder, feel free to purchase this one.

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