Makita GA4530 Angle Review

Are you looking for a small, handheld grinder which is well built and has enough power to handle tougher workloads? A 6-amp, 11,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), 720 watts Makita GA4530 Angle grinder is what you need to get.

This is among the top rated angle grinders on the market that you cannot miss having in your workshop tool box.

This machine is easy to operate because of its super light design, easy upkeep design, dustproof motor, ergonomic features and much more. The following are some of the coolest features that make this tool a great purchase for every craftsman.


The machine to be used by every human being needs the installation of safety features which not only protects the operator of the machine but also the machine itself. The Makita GA4530 Angle Grinder has a labyrinth construction which seals and protects the motor bearings from damage during operation.

Also, to add to the safety of the machine is the zigzag varnish feature which seals the armature from dust and debris. A protective guard is provided for directing sparks away from the operator.

Comfortable To Use

One needs to be relaxed and enjoy his work. However with a crazy working machine which does not offer needed comfort to the user, it is difficult to enjoy your work as you will get fatigued fast and may end up with some injuries.

To enhance the above, Makita GA4530 Angle Grinder weighs only 4 pounds and has a small diameter barrel grip for improved gripping at work. Also, the positioning of the gear housing for every 90 degrees is possible for a range of cutting applications. Finally, it has a side handle which is easy to install for convenience purposes.Makita GA4530 Angle review

Dust-Proof Motor

The moving parts of any machine require lubrication so that they friction can be minimized. If however they are lubricated and dust gets in contact with them, the bearings stand a greater risk of being destroyed.

Due to this, the gear casing of the motor is enclosed in a protective zigzag varnish seal protecting it from dust and debris. The windings are also protected from the same by a labyrinth construction design making this machine a dustproof.

Easy Upkeep Design

The durability of a machine depends on how you maintain it. If you maintain it poorly, you know what to expect; a short life and you will need to spend more dollar on replacement and repairs.

Makita GA4530 Angle Grinder is built with maintenance in mind with a readily available brush and a disk system. All these are for easy cleaning. The easy access makes it a breeze to take good care of this Makita grinder to enhance its functionality over the years.

Super Light Design

Makita has been in the power tool industry for quite long, and they have studied the market and the design of machines like this and noticed it is worth to have a light grinder which will not give the user hard time to carry when using.

In that respect, this grinder weighs 4.0 pounds overall, meaning it will be a great selection if you have a bunch of detailed work to tackle or if you need to grind for long hours without fatigue.

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  • It is very powerful
  • It is strong, durable and high quality
  • The bearings and windings are protected to enhance the longevity of the machine
  • Lightweight
  • It has an excellent grip


  • Overheat on heavy works

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many watts does this grinder have?

A: The grinder is rated 6-amps taking 720 watts, meaning it is very powerful

Q: I want to use Kutzall sanding disk to shape wood on this grinder. Is it compatible and if so is it easy to remove?

A: The guard of this grinder is very easy to remove and replacement of the disk done with ease. Makita GA4530 Angle Grinder is compatible with Kutzall sanding disk, so you don’t have to worry a lot.

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Final Verdict

Makita GA4530 Angle is a great grinder with a very high-performance rate displayed by many customers who have purchased it at Amazon and used it. Majority of the users are satisfied with it.

In my opinion, therefore, I would recommend this protect to any craftsman who wishes to take his craftsmanship to the next level.

David Echols

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