Porter-cable pc60tag Review

Angle grinders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Just like with any other product, it is easy to end up with what you don’t want.

I’ve ended up with wrong, incapable angle grinders from time to time, but that has considerably improved my ability to choose right. Porter-cable pc60tag is my new and current model, and I must say that it is a fantastic piece.

It gives me easy time with my grinding, serves me right and grinds like there is no tomorrow, which is exactly what I want.

I just got the grinder, but I’ve used it for a considerable amount of time to realize that it’s a perfect choice. It is greatly built and seems so durable to me.

I have been using it regularly and consistently yet I don’t see any signs of breakdown or any signs of wear and tear.

6.0 AMP Motor

This angle grinder comes with a fantastic 6 amp motor, hence, can perform any task with the required power. This might not be the greatest motor power available, but the Porter-cable pc60tag works with it so well you’d think it is more than just 6 amps.

It powers through job site tasks with so much ease, and I often complete my tasks earlier than anticipated. It never disappoints with any tasks, and that it’s why I like it. Porter-cable pc60tag Review

Perform Multiple Tasks

What makes me love my Porter-cable pc60tag, even more, is its ability to work on several projects including grinding support brackets, grinding welds, and cutting off pieces of aluminum angle. I’ve also used it on some rebar too, and the power tool is great with all of the above.

Many of my friends who have tried it out agree that it’s a pretty convenient piece of innovation that will save you a lot of money and time.

Easy to Operate

The Porter-cable pc60tag is built with a lot of thoughtfulness to give exactly what you need while angle grinding or cutting. It has the right size, shape and weight a professional like me needs for doing the work perfectly.

Even armatures aren’t left out. A first time user will find the grinder comfortable and easy to operate as well. No headaches or guesswork since everything is right there for you to see and use.

Tool-Free Change Guard

This is one of the features that make things even much easier for you. Just like the name suggests, you won’t need any tool to change your guard.

In fact, you will have those fast and easy guard removal moments that will add some fun to your grinding work. Grinding work is demanding, and with features like this, your energy is saved for a much greater task.

Small and Lightweight

A professional would tell you that the smaller ad lightweight the grinder is, the better. To be able to do your work perfectly and faster, you need a power tool that will perfectly fit into your hands, and that bear the right weight.

Porter-cable pc60tag is great if you want to work for longer hours since you will barely feel the weight when you are using it.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Considerably priced
  • Easy to operate
  • Convenient performance
  • Provide user safety


  • The motor power is limited

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can it take to change the guard?

A: It can take just 30 seconds to change the guard

Q: Does it come with a storage case?

A: No, no storage case. Let me say that this is one of the few places where they have failed us.

Q: How comfortable is the grip?

A: The grinder features a soft grip handle that improves comfort and control.

Final Verdict

Maybe it is too early to judge now that I just acquired this tool quite recently, but I can tell a good grinder from a distance, and porter-cable pc60tag is one.

This power tool is ingeniously designed to make your grinding or cutting work easy and enjoyable. Bulky and heavy tools are tiresome, and the company has done its best to eliminate these features in Porter-cable pc60tag.

You will love it from the word go, particularly as it is also favorable to your pockets. With just a few bucks, you can acquire this great piece of technology to revolutionize your workshop and take it to a different level.


David Echols

David Echols is the Editor of ToolsWire.com. He is an angle grinder enthusiast and love to share what he know about this field.

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