VonHaus Angle Grinder Review

VonHaus is known to produce some of the best angle grinders in the market today. I’m a great fan of their grinders, and right now I own different models from the same company that I use in a variety of power grinding and cutting work.

Now you know that when I review the VonHaus Angle Grinder, I’ll give information of what I’ve experienced with it firsthand. This is one of the best grinders I’ve ever had the opportunity to use.

It is impressive from the word go, providing a great performance that can be used in almost any area of work.

The VonHaus Angle Grinder can grind and cut through the toughest surface so easily, and you won’t even feel it in your joints.

The grinder is designed to offer maximum performance without sacrificing its other features. I have also noticed that it is durable, judging by its sturdiness.

Multiple Functions

When you can depend on your grinder to do almost every grinding work for you, then you know you have a good grinder. VonHaus Angle Grinder is that kind of angle grinder.

It can be used for removing excess material, removing rust, cutting through metal piping, smoothing surfaces, or simply grinding. With all these abilities, you don’t have to buy different tools for different jobs while you can use just one for all.

Powerful 500W Motor

Before you buy any angle grinder, you must know the motor power you will need for your work. The VonHaus Angle Grinder is a high performer, thanks to its great 500w motor.

I’ve used it to grind and cut through some of the toughest metals, stones, wood, ceramic, and it functions excellently. Whenever I hold it in my hand and put it on, I feel its power even before I begin the work.VonHaus Angle Grinder Review

Safety Guard

This angle grinder considers your safety. It features an adjustable guard that you can rotate for protection while grinding. Therefore, with VonHaus Angle Grinders you won’t have to worry about being injured in any way while you grind or cut through any material.

The safety guard is just one of the many features that ensure that you stay protected and safe while you use this power tool.

Adjustable Support Handle

The handle is easy to remove and can be attached to either side of the grinder. This is a unique feature that adds greatly to the grinder’s steadiness and mobility.

Sometimes it is only convenient to use the handle on both sides to make your work come out neat and perfect. There is also the case of left-handedness, where you want the handle on the opposite side. This angle grinder is thoughtfully designed to allow for such changes to be done.

Durable Design

The VonHaus Angle Grinder boasts strong and hard casing that protects it from possible externally induced damages.

The grinder features variable safety guards that also protect the machine besides protecting the user while doing the grinding. Given its compatibility with any 115 mm disc on the market, you can count on this grinder as a safe, durable, and versatile piece of machinery.


  • Comes in a convenient shape and weight
  • Provide powerful performance
  • Durable
  • Protects the user from possible injuries
  • Features a beautiful design


  • Not the quietest product

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use it in confined spaces?

A: Yes you can use it in the tiniest of spaces. The 115 mm disc is perfect for working in confined spaces

Q: What features are included to reduce vibration?

A: The side handle reduces vibration greatly, and give you additional balance.

Q: Can I trust this grinder to help me in both metal and masonry?

A: Of course you can. A multipurpose disc is included to cover many of the common tasks.

Final Verdict

Many times we end up with angle grinders that we technically don’t need just because we don’t research thoroughly before we buy.

I have been using angle grinders for many years now, and I know the essence of owning a genuine, reliable piece of machinery.

Be assured that VonHaus Angle Grinder is a great piece of technology that might just revolutionize everything in your workshop, no matter how tiny that workshop might be.

David Echols

David Echols is the Editor of ToolsWire.com. He is an angle grinder enthusiast and love to share what he know about this field.

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